I was born in 1989 in Lodz (Poland). I had the good fortune of being the son of a horse lover, and my dad soon introduced me to these amazing animals.

Already as a child I had a special bond with horses. I just enjoyed being around these gentle giants, even before I started riding at the age of 13.

I could always sense and assess the potential, the needs and also the limitations of the horses I was entrusted with, and I would take the necessary time to work with each and every one of them. The horses would pay me back in their own, special way: with cooperation and trust, which is why I was never in any conflict.

Today, after many years’ experience, this mutual understanding is still one of the fundaments of my training system, true to classical riding methods.

I use competing in dressage tests at all levels as stepping stones in the horse’s training and to assess the work I have done.

I am very proud of the names of the trainers or institutes from whom or where I have had the honour to forge my own ‘signature’:

Inge and George Theodorescu

At the age of 16, I made contact with the well-respected yard run by Inge and George Theodorescu in Sassenberg. I was initially offered the opportunity to spend two months there, learning and working. I knew that I was in good hands with a couple whose daughter Monica was a double Olympic gold medallist.
After just one month working, learning and riding, George Theodorescu said the following to me: “You have been given a gift by God – don’t waste it.”
These words convinced me to stay at the Lindenhof. I would sweep the stables, groom the horses and, after a while, I was allowed to ride the valuable horses, which is not something just anybody is allowed to do.

Susanne Miesner

In Germany’s riding Mecca of Warendorf, my path of education took me to the Wietelshof, the yard of Susanne Miesner. Susanne trains her horses strictly according to the foundations of classical riding, and she is the co-author of the “Richtlinien” – the German Federation’s Guidelines for Riding, among many other works. These form the basis for most of the world’s riding literature. This is where I pursued my studies to become a Pferdewirt, with a focus on riding. I learned how to back horses and further their training according to classical riding principles, while always ensuring they are healthy and motivated.

Morten Thomsen and Tristan Tucker

Morten Thomsen is a very well-known dressage trainer in Denmark who specialises in ground work, with a unique way of developing the piaffe and passage. I was responsible for riding his sales horses.
Tristan Tucker is an Australian rider who pays particular attention to backing horses in a protective, respectful manner.

Holsteiner Verband

At the end of 2010, I was offered a Bereiter position with the Holsteiner Verband in Elmshorn, near Hamburg. I was given the difficult task of backing and training their young breeding stallions, in preparation for the very important stallion performance test. Two of the three stallions I prepared excelled: Stanfour (1st place) and Conrato (3rd place).

Gestüt Tasdorf

I moved from the Holsteiner Verband to Gestüt Tasdorf, where I was responsible for riding and training their sales horses and breeding stallions such as King Arthur, Almorett, All Inclusive and Elfado. During this time, I managed to qualify the four-year-old gelding Schneezauber for the 2012 Bundeschampionat in Warendorf. Unfortunately an injury prevented me from participating.

Westälische Reit- und Fahrschule in Münster Handorf

After completing my two obligatory years as a Bereiter (Pferdewirt), I decided to take the Master’s examination, which I successfully passed under the instruction of equestrian masters such as Martin Plewa.
After receiving the title “Pferdewirtschaftsmeister – classical riding training” I am now working freelance, training horses and riders in Warendorf.

I never stop examining my ability and my knowledge and I am keen to improve all the time, which is why I often work with a variety of different trainers on furthering and refining certain aspects of my work.

I am currently being introduced to the art of slowly developing real collection and subsequent piaffe and passage work from the ground by the ‘double lunge Pope’ Wilfried Gehrmann.