• "In the footsteps of the old masters"

About me

I was born in 1989 in Lodz (Poland). I had the good fortune of being the son of a horse lover, and my dad soon introduced me to these amazing animals. Already as a child I had a special bond with horses. I just enjoyed being around these gentle giants, even before I started riding at the age of 13. I could always sense and assess the potential, the needs and also the limitations of the horses I was entrusted with, and I would take the necessary time to work with each and every one of them. The horses would pay me back in their own, special way: with cooperation and trust, which is why I was never in any conflict. Today, after many years' experience, this mutual understanding is still one of the fundaments of my training system, true to classical riding methods. I use competing in dressage tests at all levels as stepping stones in the horse's training and to assess the work I have done. I am very proud of the names of the trainers or institutes from whom or where I have had the honour to forge my own 'signature':


  • George Theodorescu, Lindenhof, Sassenberg

    Basic training of young dressage horses with Inge and George Theodorescu


  • Wietelshof, Warendorf

    Training to become a Pferdewirt (professional rider) with a focus on classical riding with Susanne Miesner.


  • Morten Thomsen, Denmark

    Ground work with sporthorses up to piaffe and passage.

  • Tristan Tucker and Will Rogers

    Alternative approach to breaking and training, especially with problem horses or horses who need desensitising.


  • Holsteiner Breed Association, Elmshorn

    Preparation of stallions for approval/licensing


  • Gestüt Tasdorf, Tasdorf

    Training, competing and presentation of breeding stallions.


  • Westphalian Riding and Driving School, Münster

    Master’s degree in riding, with a focus on classical riding and training under the supervision of Martin Plewa und Reiner Jäckel.


  • Since 2014 I have been working independently, cooperating with respected horsemen:

  • Wilfried Gehrmann

    Correct long-reining work.


  • Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

    The turning point of my riding career: cavalry principles correctly applied to classical riding and training.


  • Renate Elberich

    Movement awareness training following Eckhart Meiners helps me to achieve and maintain a supple seat and, consequently, the highest possible harmony between rider and horse.


  • Alexandra Storch

    Another milestone on the path of my equestrian development was laid by Alexandra Storch. She showed me the world of classical equitation from an different perspective till then. Developing a willingness to collect through the most in precise bending work with the slitest aids, to help me make my training and corrective work with the horses go beyond what was thought possible for each horse naturally and develop more trust and willingness to learn.





















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